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Her Name is Lola

28 May 2013
Stephanie Schildknecht

But she's no lowly showgirl… We chat to actress Stephanie Schildknecht who plays Lola on Rhythm City

The 28-year-old half German half Swazi actress recently joined Rhythm City as Lola, S’bu’s competitor in the flairing competition and love interest.  She came to Zer011 to check out her rival. Stephanie Schildknecht says acting is all she wanted to do. Born in Botswana, she holds a Diploma in Performance Art and a BA Degree in Acting from the Arts Educational School in London.

She unpacks more on her character, Lola.  

Tell us more about your character.
Lola is young female who is very determined, hardworking, disciplined and ambitious.  She works in bars and to earn extra cash, she takes part in flaring competitions. Lola’s big dream is to take her skills outside the country by flairing on cruise ships.
Before Rhythm City, what were you working on?
I shot a local movie called One Last Look, it’s not yet out in the country and I’m assuming this will happen sometime later in the year. Next week I will be jetting off to Dublin in Ireland where the movie will be premiering on the 1st of June.

How did you land the role of Lola?
I auditioned for the role. I however brought more than the acting skills to the auditions. After learning that the role was for a flair tender, I did a lesson in this to better my chances.

How are you finding working on the Rhythm City set?
I love it, the entire team made me feel like an old friend who had come home. My co actor S’bu is a pool of wisdom and is full of energy.

Do you think Lola stands a chance against S’bu in the flairing competition?
The ambitious Lola likes to believe she’s the best, but since this a competition -anything can happen. I guess the competition will be the deciding factor on who is the better candidate.

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