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The 5 most shocking moments from #Empire season 2

25 August 2016

The first half of Empire’s second season came to an end last night! Here are the 5 most gasp-worthy moments:

1. Cookie fell for the wrong guy
In the eyes of any Empire fan, Cookie can do no wrong, but she made a serious judgement error this season. It looked like she had finally found love with concert promoter Laz Delgado, but Laz had other motives (at least at first), as he was working with the gang that kidnapped Hakeem. Laz eventually broke from the gang, but not soon enough to salvage his relationship with Cookie.

2. Jamal kissed a girl
Despite being gay, Jamal couldn’t fight his attraction to Skye Summer. The two collaborated on a song, which led to them sharing a kiss at the piano. They eventually agreed to just be friends, but the chemistry between them was undeniable. Skye was played by Alicia Keyes, so we do (kind of) understand.

3. Lucious’ blast from the past
Lucious’ mother tried to drown him during a psychotic break and attempted to commit suicide right in front of him when he was a child. He revealed all of this in his "Boom Boom Boom Boom" music video that Cookie unveiled at her surprise birthday party.

4. Mimi played Lucious
Mimi Whiteman, played by Marisa Tomei, bonded with Lucious throughout season 2, but she proved to be as ruthless as Mr Lyon himself when she used secret recordings to force a vote by the board of directors to remove Lucious as chairman of his own company.

5. Camilla came back
As part of Mimi’s stakeover plan she introduced her wife – Camilla. Yes, the same Camilla Lucious sent away because of her influence on Hakeem. Is she still in love with him?

What was your most shocking moment so far?