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Siseko confesses to Boniswa

Lwazi Mluma |
4 January 2017

After being blackmailed by Neo, Siseko comes clean to his wife about kissing Yvonne. Scandal!, weekdays at 7:30PM.

Neo wants Siseko to retract the article that was written by Eddie about Damon. So, he goes to Kingsley’s office to convince him. When Siseko refuses, Neo shows him a video of him and Yvonne kissing.

If Siseko doesn’t get the New Voice to write a retraction, Neo promises to send the video to Boniswa and the deadline is 24 hours. Kingsley agrees to have the retraction published.

However, when Siseko gets home, he sits his wife down and tells her that he is being threatened by Neo. He tells her the whole story, including the part where he kissed Yvonne.

Boniswa is totally shocked by this. Will she be able to forgive her husband?


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