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Gloria quits her job

Lwazi Mluma |
6 January 2017

When Maletsatsi refuses to fire Pretty, Gloria calls it quits. Scandal!, weekdays at 7:30PM.

A few days ago, Pretty accused Gloria of stealing her chicken. It was later discovered that the chicken was not even stolen.

Now, pretty apologises to Gloria. But, Gloria wants more than that. Firstly, she wants Pretty to apologise in front of all the people in the company. Secondly, she wants Maletsatsi to fire Pretty.

In Gloria’s mind, if Pretty gets fired, Stokkies will become the head of security and she (Gloria) will be the supervisor.

So when Maletsatsi refuses to fire Pretty, Gloria decides to quit. Maletsatsi begs her to stay, but she won’t budge. In fact, she threatens to take Maletsatsi to the CCMA.

Gloria, negotiates with Maletsatsi. She will go back to when if Pretty pays her R5000 in compensation. Tjoo!

Gloria will only go back to work if pretty pays her R5000 for compensation. Tjoo!


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