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Neo is determined to destroy Siseko

Lwazi Mluma |
9 January 2017

Neo sends a video of Yvonne and Siseko’s passionate kiss to a tabloid newspaper. Scandal!, weekdays at 7:30PM.

Damon won’t be investing in the Newtonian anymore and Neo blames Siseko for that. So, when Yvonne leaves his room, Neo immediately dials Siseko to tell him that he’s become more than his enemy. Neo says Siseko is now his target.

Siseko isn’t threaten by this. He tells Neo he has failed to destroy his marriage. Neo hits back, stating that Boniswa might have forgiven him, but the public won’t. Siseko doesn’t understand what Neo means.

Neo then calls a tabloid journo, telling her he has a video she might be interested in writing a story about.

Will this exposé destroy Siseko’s reputation?


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