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Dintle is back in town

Lwazi Mluma |
14 February 2017

Surprise! Mangi is shocked to find an excited Dintle in the house. Scandal!, weekdays at 7:30PM.

Oh, no! Look what the cat dragged in. When Dintle left, she had conned Mangi out of lobola money, claiming her ‘uncles’ won’t let him see his baby until it’s fully paid.

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When she ran out of that money, Dintle sent her pretend uncle to Mangi, again. This time they claimed Mangi’s ancestors are taking out their anger on the unborn child. So, she needed R50 000 for a traditional cleansing. Mangi embezzled the money from NFH.

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But we all know that Dintle has been spending the rip off money on a luxurious lifestyle – daily mani’s, pedi’s and massages.

She’s now back and bearing valentines’ gifts, nogals! And she’s even pretending their marriage is intact.

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Girl, we see right through you! But does Mangi?

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