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People Passion Purpose set to inspire Mzansi

16 February 2017

People Passion Purpose, a six-part series of inspirational regional documentaries, starts this Sunday, 19 February at 6:05PM. 

The home-grown series follows individuals across South Africa, as they tell their unique stories to a variety of filmmakers.

Over the past few years, e.tv has aired rich and colourful documentaries, some of which received significant international recognition. People Passion Purpose will give Mzansi a chance to explore unexpected cultural developments across provinces including KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga, Free State and the Eastern Cape.

Each show is produced by different filmmakers, focusing on different and unique elements of each province in an effort to shine a light on the way South Africa is growing, shifting and progressing.

Tune in every Sunday at 6:05PM to watch a local documentary!

Here’s what you can look forward to:

Sunday, 19 February
Blood Family

Johan Volsteed is a former principal of Grey College in Bloemfontein. His life and views have been shaped by his decision to get involved with struggling township schools after retirement. Johan met two women whose unbearable experiences in their youth threatened to forever destroy their faith in men. But with the support of this unconventional father figure, they are on their way to achieving success in two very different fields.

Sunday, 26 February
Sweet Success

A story of a group of extraordinary women in KwaZulu-Natal who, despite poverty, cultural barriers and a series of tests from Mother Nature, have become successful sugar cane growers. We will track the stories of four Zulu Sugar Baronesses who have inspired and supported each other in a world traditionally dominated by men.

Sunday, 5 March
Breaking The Habit
Professional break dancer Cheslyn Meyer takes viewers on a journey through his community, gang violence and drug-plagued Schauderville in Port Elizabeth. After losing his mother to cancer and having to drop out of University, Cheslyn turned to a dance style known as ‘B-boying’, which is a form of breakdance. He excelled and it has afforded him opportunities such as representing SA internationally. He now provides hope and refuge to the youth of his community through the organisation Genoeg is Genoeg (Enough is Enough).

Sunday, 12 March

In Northern KZN is a village called Ingwavuma, where 66-year-old Mbobozebheshu lives the life that he believes his forebears lived. Every house in his yard was built using mud and stones and decorated with beer bottles. Mbobozebheshu claims that the government refused to build him a RDP home because, according to the map, he seems to fall on the Swaziland border and therefore is not entitled to receive water or electricity, supplied by the SA government. 

Sunday, 19 March
Wheel and Dealing
While on holiday in Port Elizabeth, Jared Mclntyre went scuba diving and ended up with spinal cord injuries that left him unable to walk. After extensive counselling, Jared, still in his mid-20’s, accepted his wheelchair- bound status. He came across a sport called Wheelchair Rugby and formed a team called The Mustangs in Bloemfontein, with fellow paraplegic people from all walks of life, different races and both sexes. The Mustangs Wheelchair Rugby Club not only competes in the SA Wheelchair Rugby League but has adopted a local underprivileged school for disabled children, who join The Mustangs on weekends to participate in the sport.

Sunday, 26 March
The Rhyming Saint
Poverty-stricken and raised without the love of parents, 23-year-old Nhlanhla Solomon Spencer, AKA ‘Real Saint’ seemingly had the odds stacked against him and he seemed set to inherit a life of perpetual want. But he had a dream – and without advanced equipment, he and his producer made internationally-recognised music in a shack in the sleepy mining town of Delmas. He’s the first Christian gospel hip hop artist to have an album on iTunes, and the first to be nominated for awards.

Remember to tune in every Sunday at 6:05PM to watch a local documentary.