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Yvonne crawls back to Neo

Lwazi Mluma |
15 February 2017

Yvonne asks for Neo’s forgiveness and begs him to take her back. Scandal!, weekdays at 7:30PM.

Things have been bleak for Yvonne since Damon left her at the altar; she’s been desperate for money to pay her hotel bill. She first tries her luck with the Scandal! publication but they refuse to pay her.

Then she demands a compensation from Siseko for “ruining her wedding.” After he turns her down, Yvonne asks Timothy to illegally write her hotel bill off.

When all fails, Yvonne crawls back to Neo. In tears, she apologises and begs him to take her back as his business partner. She even admits that agreeing to marry Damon was a mistake!

However, Bra Neo doesn’t seem too phased by her apology.

Sorry, YV! Once bitten, twice shy.

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