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Z’bondiwe - The Chase

13 March 2017

More drama, more twists and finally revenge on the final season of Z’bondiwe! Premieres Tuesday, 14 March at 9:30PM.

We need you to get ready for the third and final season of our action-packed, local crime drama, Z’bondiwe.

If you remember, season 2 ended with quite a bang. After shooting his own wife, Killer kidnapped Roxanne – again!

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This season we find Roxanne in a village where Killer is holding her hostage. But, we’re met with an even greater evil force than Killer - Landlord! Turns out Killer’s been answering to a much more powerful crime boss this whole time. Ha! Who knew!?  

Meanwhile, Dikki is taking over the Jozi underworld while Jakes advises her from prison; giving Landlord and Killer a run for their money. She becomes known as the ruthless Mam’Tso on the streets and Landlord is not happy that his territory has been taken over. How will he punish Killer for allowing this to happen?

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And, to make matters even worse Lebo is back and thirsty for blood! Remember his whole gang was pretty much wiped out at the end of season 1, including his father and brother. So your boy is out for revenge and power more than ever before!

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How will it all come to an end?

Don’t miss the exciting final season of Z’bondiwe. Premieres Tuesday, 14 March at 9:30PM.

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