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#DeviousMaids: Will Ethan tell Valentina the truth?

20 March 2017

Valentina calls Remi to come to Ethan’s rescue after he suffered a knife wound. Devious Maids, Mondays at 8:30PM. 

Last week Ethan, Ty and their group of friends targeted Spence’s house. But it was all part of Ty’s plan to impress Carmen. But their plan failed and Carmen stabbed Ty with a knife.

Ethan then went to Valentina for help because the hospital would be the first place the police will start looking for him.

Tonight, a nervous Valentina calls Remi to come and help her. But Remi isn’t impressed with Ethan’s story of how he got hurt. Will they find out the truth?

Meanwhile, Marisol is shocked by a secret Nicholas reveals after he took one pain tablet too many!

Watch the trailer:

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