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27 March 2017
Unsolicited proposals

Are you an independent producer and have new unsolicited programme ideas that you believe are aligned with e.tv’s positioning?

Please note that proposal submissions for content airing in 2018/2019 close on Friday, 31 March 2017.

Unsolicited proposals received from Saturday, 1 April 2017 will only be considered for broadcast in 2019/2020.

What is an unsolicited proposal submission?

A proposal which is submitted by an individual or company outside of a briefing process is called an “unsolicited proposal submission”.

e.tv prides itself on recognizing the best talent Mzansi has to offer! Should you have a programme suggestion for broadcast on our channel, please read the submissions protocol before submitting your proposal to [email protected]

e.tv is committed to following submissions protocol which has been approved by ICASA. Click here to read the protocol. (PDF 1.33 MB | right click to save ). Find a sample of a Cashflow, TV Budget and Cost Report template to work with.

View our Technical Delivery Standards for SD and HD

Good luck!