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#BrokenVows: Everything you need to know

Nandipha Pantsi |
17 April 2017

We’re only a few episodes into Broken Vows and the drama already has us hooked! Broken Vows, weekdays at 8PM.

If you’re struggling to keep up, don’t worry here’s what everyone is talking about.

Yours Truly Wedding Concepts organises the most beautiful weddings 

We love seeing Azania, Thandi, Lulu, Lebo and Charmaine in their element! Plus, they’re giving us loads of wedding ideas.

Azania is pregnant and since she’s had miscarriages before, she’s very nervous about her pregnancy. 

We couldn’t hold back the tears when Azania was bleeding in the bathroom a few days ago. But thank goodness she and the baby are okay.

Chris is a drug addict 

As if Azania doesn’t have enough to worry about, her husband is also addicted to pain meds!

Uhuru returned from Congo and has been having flash backs ever since

We don’t know what happened to Uhuru while he was in Congo, but he is clearly very traumatized by it. On a lighter note, there seems to be a lot of chemistry between him and Thandi.

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Damian wants to prove himself at Yours Truly.

Damian had us laughing the moment he set foot at Yours Truly – and we haven’t stopped ever since! He’s determined to make his mark as the newly appointed wedding décor specialist.

Lydia has a strange relationship with Gerty.

It’s as clear as daylight that Gerty and Lydia are not the best of friends, in fact we can go as far as saying that they hate each other. But Gerty seems to be taking care of her financially and has even provided her with a home. What’s going on here?

Ace, Gerty’s estranged husband got out of prison and Lydia was there to welcome him home. 

Ace is probably the creepiest character we’ve met so far. Ever since he got out of prison, he’s been stalking Thandi, Azania and Gerty. Thandi recently received a bullet in the mail, could he have sent it? And why would he want to scare someone who is like a daughter to him? He seems to have a good relationship with Lydia though.

We cannot wait to see how the drama unfolds.

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