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This week on Broken Vows

13 June 2017

Thandi struggles with Ace’s presence, Azania is frustrated with Chris and Uhuru finds out the truth about his father. Broken Vows, weekdays at 8PM.

Thandi has Ace cornered and has no intention of letting him become the family's saviour. Chris learns that he can hide as much as he likes, but he’ll never escape the ghost of Bongo. A reshuffle at Yours Truly leaves a sour taste in Damian's mouth. 
Uhuru is shocked to discover the truth about how his father landed in prison. Damian and Lulu are losing patience with the way Charmaine is running Yours Truly in Gerty’s absence.
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A game of emotional manipulation sees Ace further ingratiate himself into his family - despite Gerty’s desperation to block him. Uhuru helps Chris and Azania deal with their publicity woes. Damian is reprimanded by Charmaine and Lulu has trouble with her vlog.
Thandi struggles with the presence of Ace. Ace oversteps his boundaries with Uhuru while Azania is frustrated by Chris’ newfound popularity and his dwindling commitment to their family.
Chris receives support from his fans, thanks to his honesty. Damian decides to teach Charmaine a valuable lesson that will cut her down to size. Lulu’s latest vlog is a hit, but what will Lebo think when he sees the content of the rant? Azania’s celebratory dinner doesn’t go as planned.

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