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SA vs Naija on #LSBAfrica

Tebogo Rapoone |
23 June 2017

The “Biggest Brother of all Big Brothers” aka Tayo is up against the “King of African Rap” aka Kwesta. Lip Sync Battle Africa, Saturdays at 6:05PM.


Kwesta kicks off the show with the late Mandoza’s smash hit Nkalakata. Fact: Mandoza would not be mad at that performance.


Meanwhile, Tayo reps his hood and gets the crowd turnt with his performance of Lil’ Kim’s song Lighters Up. What do you think of his signature move “the froggy”?


In the second round Kwesta brings that Chi-Town R Kelly swag to stage with the Ignition remix and Tayo takes it back to Naija and brings that African flavour with his lit D’banj Oliver Twist performance.


Who will be this week’s Lip Sync Battle Africa champion: The rapper or the realty TV star?


Catch Lip Sync Battle Africa on e.tv and eHD on OpenView HD (Channel 104) on Saturdays at 6:05PM. #LSBAfrica