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The President is shot on #etvTheFixer

17 July 2017

The White House prepares to celebrate the President’s 50th birthday but he’s shot instead. The Fixer, Mondays at 8:30PM. #WhoShotFitz

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Fitz is back from attending the G8 summit and we can sense things are not rosy between him and his wife, Mellie, as he didn’t even call her once in the three weeks he was away.

But, Mellie sure is a strong first lady. She’s still planning a gala evening for his birthday with 500 people attending.  

Although Fitz makes it clear he doesn’t want a big party, Mellie tells him that “we can’t always get what we want”. Ouch! 

Later, as Fitz and Mellie make their way to the gala evening, she suddenly has a change of heart and tells him she’s sick of acting like they’re happy and rather wants to go home. 

Fitz asks if Mellie is scared to face Olivia at his party and also tells her that “we can’t always get what we want!” 

Fitz gets out of the car and the next thing we hear is gun shots and the President falls to the ground.

Will Fitz make it?

And, who shot him?  

Watch the trailer:


Watch The Fixer, Monday at 8:30PM to find out. #WhoShotFitz