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This week on Rhythm City

8 August 2017

Lerato shares big news with Lungile, Andiswa sees Niki and David kissing and Suffo makes a move on Pearl. Rhythm City, weekdays at 7PM. 

Suffo and Andiswa join forces against a common enemy. Lungile disappoints Bongi. Reneilwe asks Kgaugelo to move out. Will Kgaugelo turn on her hero?
Lerato questions Bongi's mental state, unnerving Lungile. Reneilwe sees through Kgaugelo, putting herself in danger. Andiswa and Suffo get closer.
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Andiswa makes a mysterious proposal to Suffo. Lerato shares life changing news with Lungile. Time is running out for Rene, but Mampho is on the case.
Emmanuel loses out on a job, and the disappointment opens him up to bad influences. David goads Suffo by claiming Niki. Andiswa manipulates Suffo.
Emmanuel's frustration at not finding direction in his life is eating at him and he falls in with a bad crowd. Andiswa catches Niki and David kissing. Suffo makes a move on Pearl. Reneilwe finds out that Kgaugelo has withdrawn all her money.

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