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Saucy secrets from Dirty Dancing

17 August 2017

Here are some facts you might not have known about the classic teenage dance movie.

If you’re like us here at e.tv, you’ve watched Dirty Dancing at least 5 times already. And we’re so excited that we get to see it again this Sunday, 20 August at 9:55PM.

But before you watch it again, here are some juicy details about the 1987 classic you might not have known.

1. Dirty Dancing celebrated its 30 year anniversary this year.

Yep, that’s right! This timeless classic was released 30 years ago, and it’s still so many women’s favourite movie.

2. It’s the number 1 movie women like to watch over and over

A film survey done a few years ago listed Dirty Dancing as the top movie that women all around the world still love to re-watch over and over again. We totally believe that because, SAME.

3. But it wasn’t expected to be a hit

Film executives didn’t have much faith in this little dance flick and considered sending it straight to home video instead of showing it in the cinema. The film also lost many marketers and fans, because of heavy feminist plots such as abortion.

4. It was one of the first films to address illegal abortion

Dance films, especially teen dance films, are meant to be light and entertaining. So including the illegal abortion sub-plot caused executives quite a few headaches. But the feminist undertone is probably what keeps the movie relevant after all these years.

5. It was the first film to sell over 1 million copies on home video

After all the negative attention Dirty Dancing received for being too sexy and inappropriate, it managed to hit the 1 million home video mark before any other film. 

6. The two main stars didn’t like each other

Who would have known with all that on-screen chemistry? But rumour has it that it took much convincing to get Jennifer Gray to play alongside Patrick Swayze again because she disliked him so much while they filmed Red Dawn together a few years prior.

7. There was a sex ban while filming

During their nearly 2 month long filming process, the cast were not allowed to sleep with each other. The Producers hoped it would help create on-screen sexual tension. Good call, producer, because hot damn this is one steamy movie.

We hope you’re in the mood and ready to watch Dirty Dancing with us this Sunday, 20 August at 9:55PM.