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Dintle is a “gold digger-deluxe”

Lwazi Mluma |
13 September 2017

Yvonne and Romeo called Dintle all kinds of names when they described her to Neo. Scandal! weekdays at 7:30PM.

The three musketeers Neo, Yvonne and Romeo need someone to spy for them at NFH, but they don’t trust Gloria and Ingrid.

When the name Dintle came up, Romeo and Yvonne used all kinds of names to describe her to Neo.

Yvonne called Dintle a “gold digger-deluxe.” While Romeo told Neo that Dintle is the kind of person who would sell her own mother for the right price. Tjoo!

But in the end they all agreed she’s the right person for the job. Well, it looks like Dintle’s bad reputation is about to earn her some money.

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