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#Empire: We know who’s dead!

13 September 2017

Wow! Season 3 of Empire gets off to a thrilling start. Watch the premiere on Wednesday, 13 September at 9:30PM.

Let us try and set the scene for you.

The episode opens with Hakeem storming off after having to witness his father marry his baby momma, on the day he was meant to marry the love of his life.

Luscious and Jamal linger around the front of the building as they watch Hakeem speed off when suddenly THUMP! A body lands on the car just in front of them.

Blood trickles out of her open mouth and down her cheek. She’s clearly dead. 

Who do you think it is, Anika or Rhonda?

Watch the season 3 premiere of Empire on Wednesday, 13 September at 9:30PM to find out.