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A robbery-homicide on #ChicagoPD

25 September 2017

Bunny comes to Lindsay with a concern which leads the Intelligence Unit to investigate her suspicions. Chicago P.D., Tuesdays at 8:30PM.

We all know detective Lindsay’s history with her mom, Bunny, and their on-and-off relationship. So tonight when Bunny goes to the police station with Lindsay and informs Voight that one of the renters that frequently uses her husband’s business could have killed someone, Voight is suspicious of her motives.

Lindsay and Halstead follow up on Bunny’s lead and run into a robbery in progress at a bank. They manage to get the situation under control, but the bank manager tells them that the other suspect is holding her family hostage.

Looks like this case is turning out to be much bigger than Bunny, Lindsay, and Voight anticipated. Turns out the two suspects involved in this case steal thousands of dollars from check exchanges and they would even kidnap family members to get the bank managers to comply.

These two thieves are also wanted by the police and a reward has been offered to anyone who can give information about them.  

Can Voight and the team save the bank manager’s family and apprehend the suspects at the same time?

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