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5 Fast & Furious facts

13 October 2017

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Here are five fun facts you may not have known about The Fast and the Furious films:

1.There are real street racers and their own cars in the films In the background, you will see over 200 souped-up cars and their drivers are actual illegal street racers the producers found.

2.Paul Walker did his own stunts Well most of them anyway. The late actor took on some of the car chasers himself but did leave the trickier stunts to the professionals.

3. Vin Diesel turned down over $20million for 2 Fast 2 Furious Even after the success of the first film, Diesel refused to do a sequel because he didn’t believe in them. He recently admitted to Ellen DeGeneres that he’s since changed his view of sequels.

4. They used footage of Paul Walker in previous films for scenes in Furious 7. Paul's life came to a tragic end in November 2013 when he was involved in a car accident, while they were still shooting the 7th installment. Producers had to come up with creative ways to finish the film which included using footage of him in the other films and using his brothers Caleb and Cody to stand in.  

5. Brian and Letty talk to each other for the first time in the sixth installment. Did you notice that Paul Walker’s character, Brian, and Michelle Rodriguez’s character, Letty, almost never speak to each other in the Fast & Furious franchise? The first time they actually speak to each other is in Furious 6.

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