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#EasyMoney: Zee raises money to invest in Pharaoh

Lwazi Mluma |
11 October 2017

Zee and Collins raise the R10 000 investment fee in an unconventional way. Easy Money, Tuesdays at 9:30PM.

Pharaoh Investments is the talk of the town and everybody wants a piece of the pie. This includes Zee and Collins who raise the money in an unusual but clever way.

Together Zee and Collins have R3 000, meaning they’re R7 000 short to be able to become members of Pharaoh Investments.

So they approach Shamiel and ask him to invest R9 000, but he refuses and only offers to invest R1 000. This gives them an idea to go and raise more money in a local Sheebeen and they succeed by promising people 30% return.

They then walk around Soweto asking people to invest from as little as a R1 000.

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