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#Empire: Hakeem turns on his brothers

11 October 2017

What was meant to be a cute brother duet, turns bloody on livestream. Empire, Wednesdays at 9:30PM.

This hot sauce is too much!

Here’s the story: Jamal suggests he and Hakeem perform a brand new track live on Empire Extreme, their music app.

After a few rounds of back and forth, Cookie eventually gets Hakeem to agree to do it. But just before he’s about to start his rap, Luscious tells him that Andre and Nessa are hooking up behind his back. So Hakeem goes into full blown attack mode and disses both Andre and Jamal.

After the performance, the whole family start to fight while the cameras are still rolling! Of course, this is exactly what Luscious wants. Not only to up the Extreme App numbers, but also to have Hakeem in his corner.

You must tune into Empire this Wednesday at 9:30PM.