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How the Big Trio got away with murder

Lwazi Mluma |
12 October 2017

Neo, Yvonne and Romeo pulled all the stunts to make sure they get away with John Phillips’ murder. Scandal! weekdays at 7:30PM.

First they kidnapped Mjomane, tortured him and struck a deal with him to play a part in their re-enacted murder scene.

Then it was time for Yvonne to seduce Bruce, John Phillips’ identical twin. When that failed, Romeo brought in Dintle who served Bruce a spiked drink.

Romeo took him to the warehouse where Neo murdered John and they recreated and recorded the murder, with Mjomane playing the lead role. Mjomane then fled the country after they paid him.

Afterwards, Yvonne handed the footage over to Hlengiwe and told her a pretty convincing story. And by the looks of it, she did an amazing job.

Phew! It truly wasn’t an easy journey for the Big Trio, but thanks to Romeo’s brains and Yvonne’s charm, they managed to escape the crime. Or have they?

Watch Yvonne telling definite lies to Hlengiwe here.

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