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#ChicagoPD: Is Voight hiding something?

22 October 2017

Voight has suspicious ties with a missing teenager involved in a drug robbery gone wrong. Chicago P.D., Tuesdays at 8:30PM. 

Tonight Halstead and Lindsay visit the home of one of the victims killed in the truck jacking where they find a Chicago P.D. business card in a wallet which belongs to a guy named Charles.

Back at the station, they inform Voight about what they found but his response is sketchy.

Thing is, Voight knows Charles’ mother, Michelle Post, and immediately goes to visit her. He informs her that Charles’ wallet was found at the apartment of Darius, who was just shot dead after a drug deal went bad.

But Michelle insists that Charles just got his life together and that he isn’t part of a gang. Voight believes her and informs his Intelligence Unit that Charles wasn’t part of the gang, but he doesn’t tell them how he knows that or how he knows Charles.

This however makes the Intelligence Team question if Voight is covering up for Charles.  

Is Voight right about Charles not being involved in the robbery?

But more importantly can the Intelligence Unit get to the bottom of this?

Tune in at 8:30PM to find out. #ChicagoPD