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Cookie’s family embarrasses her

24 October 2017

Angelo’s mother comes for dinner and The Lyon’s bring nothing but drama, as usual. #Empire, Wednesdays at 9:30PM.

Cookie is trying to show out and be proper to make a good impression on her new beau’s Mom, Mrs. Du Bois.

So after she missed their first appointment, she has to make up with a fancy dinner at her home. Angelo suggests she invite her sons as his mother is very family orientated.

But of course, the boys bring nothing but trouble.

Firstly, Andre, the only one Mrs. Du Bois would have had a connection with, bails to spend time with Nessa instead.

Jamal shows up high as a kite and Hakeem brings along his screaming baby.

To top it off, Luscious and Anika come looking for the baby and we all know how embarrassing Luscious can be!

You must watch this episode of #Empire, it had us laughing from start to finish. Tune in at 9:30PM. #Empire