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#Zoo: We say goodbye to Chloe

24 October 2017

In the most emotional episode yet, Jackson says his final goodbyes to Chloe and the team are reunited with Jamie. Zoo, Wednesdays at 8:30PM.

Last week, Chloe and Dariela were caught in a gas explosion. Dariela made it out safe, but unfortunately, Chloe didn’t. Mitch and Jackson tried everything to help Chloe, but it was too late.

Tonight Jackson grieves Chloe’s death and blames Dariela. How will this affect the team’s relationship with Dariela?  

After a short detour, they finally make their way to Caraquet where they are reunited with Jamie.  

But with Chloe gone, will the team still fulfill their mission and find a cure for the animal kingdom?

Don’t miss this emotional episode tonight at 8:30PM. #Zoo