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Is history repeating itself on Zoo?

1 November 2017

Jackson confronts Allison about Chloe’s last words on Zoo, tonight at 8:30PM. 

Before Chloe passed away she mumbled the words “the courier” to Jackson. Tonight Allison tells him that Chloe referred to a newspaper called The Worldwide Courier.

What makes this newspaper relevant is the fact that it published the same news events in the year 1895, which is currently happening to the animal kingdom.

According to Jackson the newspaper articles show all the animals that have caused environmental changes so far – except they haven’t heard anything about a jellyfish which causes hurricanes.

The team sets off to Portugal in search of the immortal jellyfish in order to establish how it causes environmental changes and to figure out how to stop it.

Will they find the jellyfish?

Watch Zoo, Wednesdays at 8:30PM. #Zoo