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Inside the first episode of Roots

6 November 2017

Roots premieres on Monday, 6 November at 8:30PM and this is what you can expect from the first episode. #etvRoots

From the first scene to the last - viewers will be captivated by the storyline and taken on an emotional journey for 2 hours. 

Tonight we witness the birth of Kunta Kinte and his naming ceremony. Then we’ll fast-forward into the future and see Kunta as a grown boy and his journey of becoming a warrior, falling in love for the first time and expressing his interest to his parents to study at a university.

But then the unthinkable happens. Kunta is kidnapped and sold to a British slave trader and he comes face to face with the brutality and abuse of the enslaved.

Can Kunta adapt to his new life?

Watch the trailer below:

Don’t miss the premiere of Roots on Monday, 6 November at 8:30PM. Remember, the drama is on from  8:30PM until 10:15PM #etvRoots