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#EmpireFinale: Jamal hits rock bottom

8 November 2017

One of the most emotional Empire episodes ever. Don’t miss the #EmpireFinale on Wednesday at 9:30PM.

In a rare moment of paternal concern, Luscious cautions Cookie against forcing Jamal to perform at her new boo’s concert.

Brushing it off as jealousy, Cookie pays Luscious no mind until she finds Jamal sick and shivering from withdrawal symptoms after she took away all his pain meds.

He still puts on a killer performance though, but only after his mother had to dig up a pill before he went on stage.

Seems like Jamal can’t function without his medication, and that fam is called addiction!

All the Lyons urge him to sign into rehab.

Don’t miss this one, it's hella emotional seeing Luscious being a caring father.

Watch the trailer below:

Watch the #EmpireFinale tonight at 9:30PM.