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What we know about “the kidnapper”

13 November 2017

Dintle has just staged her daughter’s kidnapping and here is how she describes “the kidnapper.”  Scandal! weekdays at 7:30PM.

Dintle will do anything to live the white picket fence life with Quinton and Jewel, even if it means fake kidnapping her daughter.

All she wants is to live in the penthouse and for Jewel to speak English all the time.

So, here is her story:

She was in the laundry room when she just met a woman who seemed trustworthy. But, she had to go to her apartment to get her washing basket, leaving Jewel with the stranger.

She left for 5 minutes and when she got back, Jewel and the woman were gone.

Describing the woman, Dintle says her dress sense is Layla style – smart, but sexy. The woman is Dintle’s height with Zinzile’s skin complexion, but a slimmer version of her.

Well, Dintle didn’t look far to formulate the image of this mystery woman and Hlengiwe doesn’t buy her story.

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