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Kizzy & George’s journey on #etvRoots

20 November 2017

Although 10 years have passed since Kizzy was sold to a slaveholder, she still misses her father, Kunta Kinte. Roots, Mondays at 8:30PM.

In last week’s episode, Kizzy was sold to Tom Lea in North Carolina after Dr. Waller found a forged road pass written by her.

On the night she arrived at Tom’s farm, he raped her, and nine months later she bore his child, which Tom named George after his father.

Kizzy decided to raise George to the best of her ability and tell him about his grandfather Kunta Kinte.

Tonight we see a 10-year-old George growing up like a slave. He develops a keen interest in training Master Tom’s chickens, after he saw Mingo, another slave, gain respect for winning a cock fight.

But it’s his bond with Master Tom that concerns Kizzy. Will George learn the truth about Master Tom?

One day he tells Master Tom he wants to buy his freedom, and Tom agrees. But on the day that George was supposed to be free, Master Tom does something that changes George’s life forever.

Tune in to Roots at 8:30PM to find out! #etvRoots