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Mass shooting on #ChicagoPD

21 November 2017

When five people are shot at an athletic club, Intelligence race to stop a group of highly motivated killers from striking again. Watch the penultimate episode of Chicago P.D., Tuesday at 8:30PM.

When Voight and his team arrive at the scene they manage to catch one of the gunmen. But the thing is he’s not willing to give up any information on the whereabouts of his other three accomplices.

Later, while police officers search the perimeters for possible clues, they stumble upon an empty gun shell. Atwater realises that the gunmen were just in the area and they hijacked a garbage truck.

Atwater and Roman manage to trace the garbage truck just as it collides into a building. The gunmen however already took 12 people hostage and demand $500 000 in cash and a bus.

Can Intelligence defuse the situation without more people losing their lives?

Meanwhile, Erin is having a tough time dealing with Nadia’s death. She goes back to her old habits and ends up in bed with a guy, but it’s not Halstead!

Watch #ChicagoPD Tuesdays at 8:30PM.

Remember to tune in for the finale next week, on Tuesday 28 November at 8:30PM.