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#Zoo: Jackson is missing

22 November 2017

Mitch and Abe race to find Jackson before General Davies can locate him. Watch the penultimate episode of Zoo, Wednesday at 8:30PM. 

Last week after Abe came clean to Jackson and told him he was the one who injected his mother with the mutation, Jackson lost it and attacked Abe.

Dariela walked in on them and shot Jackson on his shoulder. Jackson still managed to get into one of their vehicles and drive off.

Tonight, Abe and Mitch are able to track Jackson’s whereabouts because of the tracking chip he inserted in his arm.

Thing is, they need to find Jackson as he’s the incubator, or else they won’t be able to create a cure for the animals.

With the Noah-objective just days away, will they find Jackson in time?

In the second installment we see Jackson as he finally gets answers from a surprising source.

Who could it be?

Watch #Zoo, Wednesdays at 8:30PM.

Remember to tune in for the finale next week, on Wednesday 29 November at 8:30PM