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Roots comes to heart-stopping climax

26 November 2017

The e.tv exclusive free-to-air run of Roots ends on Monday, 27 November at 8:30PM.

The series, which reflects the heart-breaking struggles that many Africans encountered, as they were taken from their homes and sold as slaves, took e.tv viewers on the journey of one such slave, Kunta Kinte.

Roots concludes after more than 20 years of slavery, with Kinte’s Grandson, Chicken George, returning from England to the Lea farm after he was given his freedom.

In his absence, his family was sold off to North Carolina. Once he tracks them down, he is reunited with Matilda - but finds his youngest boy, a master blacksmith, is now the leader of the family. A quiet, hardworking young man, Tom nurses a rage against his father, who he blames for abandoning the family. George meets up with a young, hot-headed slave, Cyrus, with whom he joins the Memphis Colored Battery. Inspired by a vision of Kunta Kinte, George's son, Tom, rescues him and commits a heroic act that will change the course of the family’s history.

True to Kunta's hope, the family finally finds freedom and keeps the family and its traditions intact.

Watch the trailer:

Don’t miss the riveting and emotionally-charged final episode of Roots on Monday, 27 November at 8:30PM.