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#etvRoots: What we know so far

23 November 2017

While we’re super excited about the Roots finale, we can’t help but feel sad that it’s coming to an end. Watch the Roots finale on Monday, 27 November at 8:30PM.

We all wish there were still more episodes left, but get ready for the finale – it’s going to be wild!

First, let’s recap what’s happened so far:

1. In the first episode, we witnessed the birth of Kunta Kinte in Juffure, West Africa, his naming ceremony according to the Mandinka culture, and his life with his family. We also saw Kunta’s journey of becoming a warrior and then his kidnapping!

2. Kunta was sold into slavery and tried to escape numerous times. The last time he decided to run away he was caught and half of his foot was cut off. Tjo! He slowly started accepting his life as a slave and eventually found love and married the beautiful Belle.

Kunta and Belle had a daughter, Kizzy, and when she was born it was moving to see Kunta performing the same Mandinka naming ceremony.

We witnessed Kizzy’s journey as she grew up, with her best friend, Missy, teaching her how to read. But then Kizzy was sold to a slaveholder, Tom Lea, and it was a heartbreaking moment for Kunta and Belle seeing their only daughter being taken away from them.

3. Just as Kizzy arrived at Tom Lea’s farm he raped her and nine months later she gave birth to his son, George. During a painful scene, Kizzy tried to commit suicide by drowning herself and George. But she then miraculously gathered her strength and vowed to teach George about his grandfather Kunta Kinte and his ancestors. Kizzy performed the same Mandinka ceremony when she named George.

We witnessed George’s journey of becoming a handsome gentleman. Without knowing that Master Tom was actually his father, George developed a love for Tom’s chickens for cockfights and established a career out of it.

Little did George know that his love for the chickens and cockfights will lead to him being sold by Master Tom in order to pay off his debt after he lost a chicken fight.

Will George ever be set free and see his family again?

Don’t miss the finale of Roots on Monday, 27 November at 8:30PM to find out. #etvRoots