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#etvRoots finale

27 November 2017

Do not miss the epic finale on Monday, 27 November at 8:30PM.

Last week Master Tom promised George that if he won the cockfight, he would be a free man. George then went on to win the fight, but his freedom was short-lived, as the Englishman wanted to fight another round, which George and Master Tom then lost.

However, Tom didn’t have the money to settle his debt and agreed that they take George with them to England where he can raise their fighting cocks. Tom also promised George that he would free his family before George returns from England.

Tonight, 20 years after George was sent to England to settle Master Tom’s gambling debt, he’s finally set free and travels home to be with his family.

But when he gets back to Tom Lea’s farm, George finds that a lot has changed and that his mother, Kizzy, has passed away.

Master Tom is still alive and George confronts him about the whereabouts of his family. Tom tells George he knows that he promised him that he would set them free, but he had to sell them because he needed the money.

Can George track down Matilda and his family?

Tune in for the finale of Roots at 8:30PM to find out. #etvRoots