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This week on Broken Vows

27 November 2017

Thandi is under pressure, Azania’s discharged from the hospital and Gerty gives Lydia the ultimate challenge. Broken Vows, weekdays at 6:30PM.


The pressure is on for Thandi. Meanwhile Lydia has to come to terms with her own guilt. Chloe and Chris bond. Azania feels left out when she comes home from the hospital. Banele has a plan and asks for an advance on his salary.


Thandi does some soul searching and finds only one solution. Prasad zeroes in on Ace as she intensifies her investigation into Sticks’ murder. It seems as though Azania will be forced to compromise when it comes to Chris.

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It’s a race against time as Lebo must try to save Thandi from herself. Azania starts playing right into Brandon’s hands. Lydia comes looking for Banele with terrible news.


Chris thinks he found a way to give Azania the family she’s always wanted. Lebo and Thandi’s secret is out – and in the worst possible hands. Gerty gives Lydia the ultimate challenge.


Brandon goes to extreme lengths to ensure Chloe stays on his side. Things come to a head between Thandi and Lulu. Lydia must make a sacrifice to help Banele.

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