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Ma-Lizzie refuses “dirty money”

Lwazi Mluma |
28 November 2017

When she finds out Zee is renovating her house through Pharaoh, Ma-Lizzie cancels the renovations. Easy Money, Tuesdays at 9:30PM.

Zee has been working so hard to gain her mother’s approval. She even joined Pharaoh to make more money so she can renovate their house.

But when Ma-Lizzie finds out Zee is renovating her house with what she calls “dirty money,” she stops the renovations. Her reason is that her pastor has warned them about Pharaoh, claiming that the money is stolen from poor people.

This puts more strain on their already broken relationship.

Meanwhile, Khosi is working hard to get Pharaoh to invest in their soup kitchen. Will Ma-Lizzie accept their goodwill?

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