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This week on Broken Vows

11 December 2017

Chris plans to get Azania pregnant and Damian prepares to say goodbye to Tshiamo. Broken Vows, weekdays at 6:30PM.


Ace and Lebo grow closer. Damian makes a proactive decision to save his Christmas. Brandon starts to get what he wants from Azania.


Lulu’s veiled comments about Thandi and Ace cause tensions to rise. Oratile’s Christmas is back on - but when she learns how far away she’ll be from her dads, Damian and Tshiamo will have to work together to fix it. Azania gets dressed up in the hopes of an ‘accidental’ meeting.

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Lulu warms up after a Secret Santa gift. Lebo questions Ace about an incident, before Lydia catches them together. Damian saves the day by being Father Christmas. Brandon openly flirts with someone and she pushes back - but does she mean it?


Chris enthusiastically pursues the plan to get Azania pregnant. Tshiamo and Damian are emotional as they prepare to say goodbye. Lydia tries to warn Lebo about getting close to a particular someone.


Thandi’s inability to tell someone the truth about her rape has far-reaching consequences. Damian pretends to be happy, even though no one else is buying it. Chloe makes an announcement.

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