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This week on Broken Vows

25 December 2017

Ace and Uhuru are forced to spend Christmas together. Broken Vows, weekdays at 6:30PM. 


Azania gets behind Chloe and Brandon’s relationship - but is she really just trying to keep tabs on her competition? Ace and Uhuru are forced together for Christmas - will the Moswanes have a Merry Christmas, or an explosive one?


Gerty finally decides to cut the cords that bind her after she catches Ace and Lulu in a suspicious exchange and warns Lulu not to let Ace get too close. Chris is shocked when Brandon reveals that his wife has been playing match maker behind his back. He confronts Azania and brings their marriage even closer to the edge.

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Tensions flare between Chris and Chloe. Chris gets hopeful that Azania might be pregnant. Brandon confronts Azania. Ace finds an ally in Lulu. Damian gets coerced to keeping his doctor’s appointment.


Gerty is shocked to find out that Ace does not plan on granting her a divorce. Azania takes a pregnancy test. Tshiamo gives Damian an ultimatum.


Lulu’s party sets the stage for a grand leaps of faith. Lydia’s plans are continuously interrupted. Azania deals with the fallout of Chris and Maila’s fight. Damian finally makes a decision regarding his relationship.

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