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This week on Broken Vows

8 January 2018

Chris has tough questions for Azania, Lulu is losing her grip and Damian bans family from attending his event. Broken Vows, weekdays at 6:30PM.


Azania lies to Chris and blows off an appointment with Lydia to spend a passionate afternoon with someone instead. Lulu is losing her grip on things as her guilt comes knocking. Gerty refuses to lose out to her arch nemesis.


Lydia threatens to tell Chris about an indiscretion. Brandon comes under fire when Uhuru and Thandi take his laptop as they try to track down the thief who is stealing from Chris. Gerty's best work for Damian's event, falls flat.


Chris has some tough questions for Azania. Chloe sees a completely new side to Brandon. Someone is pulling out all the stops to get Lulu's attention. Damian’s event gets more stressful as he is pressured to make a choice between family and friends.

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Azania gets tangled in the web of lies she's telling in order to be with someone – and then she discovers that the person has been telling lies of his own. Chris continues to pursue an investment partner, but they are far more interested in Lulu. Lulu is unravelling emotionally, but no one realises quite how bad things are. Uhuru tells Chris that someone got to his computer and destroyed it. Uhuru suspects Chloe is the one who told the person where it was.


Azania does some digging on someone’s past. Chris is forced to choose between his two loved ones. Lulu is rescued from a work crisis. Lydia arranges for Damian to patch things up with someone in his life. Damian bans family from attending his event.

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