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The Blacklist season 2

16 January 2018

The second season of the crime thriller premieres on Wednesday, 17 January at 8:30PM. 

And we’re super excited to see Red played by James Spader and Liz, played by Megan Boone, back in action again!

Season 1 ended with Liz telling Red that her father might still be alive. Red told Liz that her father died in the fire from which he saved her. However, when he took off his shirt to treat his bullet wound, we saw his back full of burns which made us wonder - could Red be Liz’s father?

We sure hope the new season brings us closer to the truth!

On season 2 Red receives intelligence that a Bounty Hunter was hired to kill him. Meanwhile, Liz wants to annul her marriage to Tom but is unknowingly under surveillance.

Watch the trailer below:

Don’t miss the premiere of The Blacklist season 2 on Wednesday, 17 January at 8:30PM.