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The Blacklist is back!

16 January 2018

Season 2 premieres tonight at 8:30PM and this is what you can expect from the crime thriller series.

Well… before we give away some of the spoilers we must admit that although season 1 gave us some answers, we were still left with a few burning questions:

Is Red hiding the fact that he is Liz’s father?

And where did Tom’s body mysteriously disappear to? Is he even dead?

But back to tonight’s episode. Episode 1 starts with Red on a dirt road in Cameroon on his way to see a warlord. Red knows Berlin hired bounty hunters from the warlord and he’s armed with $3 million in order to persuade him to give up the names of the people out to hunt him down.  

Will the warlord give Red the information he’s looking for?

Meanwhile Liz is staying at a dodgy hotel and it’s evident she’s feeling the aftermath of just finding out that her husband was a contract spy – which means their marriage was built on lies and deceit. Poor woman!

However, when Red contacts Liz to inform her that Berlin hired Lord Baltimore to find him, she springs into action to track Lord Baltimore down.

Don’t miss the season premiere of The Blacklist tonight at 8:30PM. #TheBlacklist