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#TheBlacklist: Will Red find his ex-wife?

24 January 2018

Tonight Red and Berlin come face to face for the first time, but can he negotiate for his ex-wife’s safe return? Find out at 8:30PM.

Last week, Red found out that Baltimore’s intended target was his ex-wife Naomi Hyland. When Liz tried to evacuate Naomi she and her team were ambushed by a kidnapping group led by Mills.

Red followed-up all leads and attempted to rescue Naomi from an apartment, but when he arrived she and Berlin were nowhere to be found. Berlin then sent a package to Red containing one of Naomi’s fingers promising to send her back to him piece by piece! Ouch.

In tonight’s episode, the FBI is informed about a bank robbery at the Monarch Douglas Bank in Warsaw, Poland.

When Red establishes that Berlin’s money is kept at the bank, he uses it to his advantage.

But will his plan work?

Find out on The Blacklist, Wednesdays at 8:30PM. #TheBlacklist