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13 February 2018

With Valentine’s Day only a few days away we take a look at all the love stuff happening on our international drama series.

As always, Valentine’s Day has got us feeling some type of way.

1. Chicago P.D.’s Kim Burgess and Adam Ruzek are a couple in real-life

Yep, you read right! Not only do they play an on-screen couple – but they are actually together in real life too after meeting on the set of the police drama series in 2014. In real life, Burgess, played by Marina Squerciati, and Ruzek, played by Patrick John Flueger, are also the proud parents of a baby girl who was born last year in May.

On the drama series, Ruzek recently proposed to Burgess and they are set on getting married. Or that’s what we hope because on last week’s episode Burgess asked Ruzek if they should push their wedding date back and he agreed. Eek!

Tune in on Tuesdays at 8:30PM to see if the wedding will take place after all.

2. Mother & Daughter Love on Shades of Blue

Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be exclusive to romantic relationships. We’re seriously impressed with Harlee’s dedication to her daughter, Cristina. Her whole life revolves around her baby girl and it makes us feel super mushy every week. Catch Shades of Blue Mondays at 8:30PM to see what we’re talking about.

3. #TheBlacklist: Liz and Tom are no longer married

We truly believed they were a cute and loving couple. But only until Liz discovered a secret storage area containing a box with a large sum of money, several passports in different names, each with her husband's picture. In the end, Liz discovered that Tom was actually a contract spy all along! On the season 1 finale, Liz shot Tom after a scuffle ensued between him and Red. And on last week’s episode, Liz annulled her marriage to Tom. Poor girl! We hope she finds love again.

You’ll have to watch every Wednesday at 8:30PM to see how it all unfolds.