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3 Things we love about Jafta and Sis Bee

14 February 2018

We can’t get enough of Jafta and Sis Bee’s adorable romance. Rhythm City, weekdays at 7PM.

Here’s what we love about the Rhythm City couple:

1. They are true to themselves

Jafta and Sis Bee both have very strong personalities. Jafta is energetic and loud and Sis Bee is bubbly and full of life. They accept each other as they are and are a joy when they’re together. Despite having conservative friends like Blossom and Kop, Jafta and Sis Bee are always themselves and we love it!

2. They’re honest with each other

Remember when Sis Bee was obsessed with getting married? It was right after Kop and Blossom’s wedding and Sis Bee had serious wedding envy. Instead of fighting and arguing with Sis Bee, Jafta sat her down and told her he didn’t want to get married but he wanted to live a long and happy life with her.


3. They are always willing to fix things

Jafta can be quite hot headed at times, but he’s always willing to listen and apologise. Sis Bee respects Jafta greatly and would do anything to see him happy. This is probably the reason their arguments don’t last very long. Mampho cringes every time she sees them kissing, but we can’t get enough it, they’re just adorable!

What do you love about Jafta and Sis Bee?

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