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Yvonne gave us life last night!

Lwazi Mluma |
13 February 2018

Yvonne’s sass was on steroids last night and she had us on the edge of our seats with laughter. Scandal! weekdays at 7:30PM.

Our beloved YV was disappointed when she found out how Lerumo manipulated her with the Pacino case.

Lerumo tried to apologise, But Yvonne compared him to his father, told him where to [email protected]#k off and slammed the door in his face.

She could have left it there but, no! This scorned woman wanted Lerumo to pay for breaking her heart.

She went to the police station to lay charges against Lerumo, she accused the captain of running an incompetent ship, and had our jaws dropped when she referred to Javas as “Jackass.”

Yvonne was so happy with Lerumo’s punishment that their argument ended up with an intense kiss. And as they say: “the rest is history.”

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