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#TheBlacklist: Red & Berlin come face to face

27 February 2018

Liz uses Tom to get information on Berlin. The Blacklist, Wednesdays at 8:30PM.

After Tom tells her the name of Berlin’s arms dealer, Liz meets with the guy and forces him to set up a meeting with Berlin.

Liz then informs Red about the meeting, thinking that he’ll kill Berlin, and by doing so she can get back at Berlin for bringing Tom into her life!

But Red has other plans. He meets up with Berlin and the two have some words. Red tells Berlin that he didn’t kill his daughter. But Berlin doesn’t believe Red and tells him maybe if he did to Red’s daughter what he did to his – they can finally be even. Whoa!

Red then goes back to the car and asks Zoe to get out. Remember Zoe is the girl with whom Red has been spending a lot of time lately.

But why did Red bring Zoe with? And more importantly, who is she?

Find out on The Blacklist at 8:30PM. #TheBlacklist