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This week on Imbewu: The Seed

16 April 2018

A sangoma arrives unannounced to the Bhengu household to expose the lie the family was built on. Imbewu: The Seed, weekdays at 9:30PM.


1993: We meet a young Ngcolosi as he convinces his brother Phakade to sell his cattle so that he may invest in an oil company. In Umlazi, a young MaZulu reveals to MaNdlovu that Ngcolosi is sterile.

Present day: We establish the Bhengu family, now hugely successful, with four children. Zakhiti, Nganono, Zithulele and Buhle.


MaNdlovu and MaZulu try to track down Macingwane, but Ngcolosi beats them to the punch by enlisting the help of his trusted old friend, Phunyuka. In the midst of marital meltdown, Zane trashes his office ahead of an important interview, disturbing Pranav. Futhi is unimpressed by the local Oswenka champion's performance.


MaNdlovu consults her healer looking for a way out of performing an Umemulo for Buhle, but the healer insists it must be done. After a successful interview with a journalist, Zane voices his pent-up resentment at being denied the opportunity to be CEO and falls out with his partners. Futhi borrows her father’s old suit to practice her Oswenka moves.

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Tension between Ngcolosi and Zane escalates causing ripples in the company. The situation with the sangoma grows tense, threatening the family secret, forcing MaNdlovu to confront Ngcolosi to convince him not to react. Namadonsela fears her husband has feelings for MaZulu after walking in on them. Futhi arranges to go shopping with Buhle for a suitable outfit for the Oswenka competition.


Phakade is compelled to lie to Namadonsela about where he’s going. Macingwane warns that if the ancestors aren’t appeased then they will suffer the consequences. Celiwe realises that the ‘man’ in Buhle’s room is actually her cousin, Futhi dressed in male clothes.

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